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Thanks to Elizabeth Avedon for some love in the current L’Oeil de la Photographie.  Also featured in the same article is beautiful work I’ve never seen before by Pedro Silveira, Gesche Wurfel and many other great image-makers.

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De Standaard

Aunties in Belgium


Year Eight of Katie and Emma



ZEKE magazine

So pleased to be even a small part of this great new magazine.  Have a peak at the first issue linked below.

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Absence makes the heart

This is the first semester I don’t have a single class to teach since 2008, and I wish I could say that freed up my time.  Rest assured, I am very busy and not just neglecting this blog.  Projects I am working on include:

Alexa Yolanda and Aunties

Editing and sequencing Aunties book,

Printing proof prints for Aunties book,

Writing text for Aunties book,

Various other physical and mental actions involving the Aunties book.

Printing From the Mountains and to the Sea for Blue Sky Gallery.  Come visit Portland in May!

Developing my very first online class. ( So I lied about not having a class this semester.)

Visiting numerous universities around the country with a giant box of prints. (News coming soon?  We’ll see.)


Shooting my yearly winter projects.  I’ll have new photos to show you soon, I promise.

Upgrading my whole computer set-up.  Where are my flagged emails?  Where are my photoshop actions?  On the old tower, most likely.

Redesigning my website: Squarespace? WordPress? Dreamweaver?  Did you know I have three years of unedited work that’s not online?  Shame, shame!

Meanwhile, my instagram account probably has more photos than this space usually does in winter.

Ain’t Bad


Thanks to Sarah Borst of Ain’t Bad Magazine for featuring my work.  Lots of previously unpublished images in the article!


The Aunties in China.

Financial Times

Start at 28:04



Aunties in Portuguese


New Yorker

When I was living in Ukraine (2 years, no heat, no internet, early aughts), my mom would forward me my New Yorker subscription every few months.  First I’d find the $20 she’d stash in one of the issues, then I’d read all the cartoons and the fiction segments and then! cut out the photos I liked and glue them into a notebook I still have.  It kept me sane.  Anyway, the aunties and the prize news are on my favourite blog today, check it out!  Also on the blog, my friend Anne Ling’s newest work!

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